The contest

As simple as making a shortfilm of a maximum duration of five minutes. The main theme of the shortfilms would be decided at the beginning of the Butoni Fast Film, the 16 July. From those moment on, the teams would have 36 hours to make and submit the projects to the organisers.


16 and 17 July 2024. On 21 July’s morning, shortfilms will be screened as a part of the Butoni Fest festival’s programme. On July 24, the prizes, statuetts and special mentions of the Fast Film Award will be held at the closing gala of the Butoni Fest.


In Valencia. You must bring your own material, camera, computers and other stuff. We will offer you a place where you can be sheltered, with internet access, where you can work for the editing of your film and we offer you a list of actors for your project. You must provide the rest. The main site is located in Espai Llimera.

Which are the awards?

We are currently working on it, but we already have:

-Best Shortfilm Award, which consists on 200€ + one year of flat fee in Movibeta.

-Statuette of Best Shortfilm in Valencian language + one year of flat fee in Movibeta.

-Special Mention to: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Funnyest Shortfilm

Rules and submissions

Download the rules in pdf HERE

Every person over the age of 18 may participate individually or as a team. There will be one person in charge per team and one project will be presented per registration.

In order to submitt, you must complete this digital form HERE. Confirmation of registration will be sent within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Are you a minor? Don’t worry, you can still participate. You only have to ask someone of legal age to formalize the registration for you as the person in charge of the team. If the person of legal age cannot go to the reception, they must authorize the minor along with a photocopy of the DNI to withdraw the accreditations.

I am an actor

The organization will make available to the participants a list of actors on the website, where the groups can get in touch with them to participate jointly in the festival.

The actors who want to participate must complete the registration form that they will find HERE.

Once chosen, the actors will become part of the group and their choice must be communicated to the organization via e-mail festival@butonifilms.es. The organization only facilitates contact between actors and groups, both must reach an agreement for which the organization is not responsible.


List of Actors

Actors and actresses available for the fast film teams. Remember that the organization is not responsible of anything else but to create the contact between actos and teams.

Estela Fuster

Actríz disponible

Martín Ferri

No disponible

Iaissa Morato

Actriz disponibe

Miquel Aparisi

No disponible

David Salvador

Actor Disponible

Mariela Marquisio

Actriz Disponible

Ursula Bordanova

Actriz disponible

Martina Gil Bonet

No Disponible

Isabel Morte

Actriz Disponible


No disponible


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